Promote decarbonization and close the resource loop, develop environmental technologies, and provide products and services that reduce environmental impacts.

Accelerating the Circular Economy

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In charge of specific projects in the Production Planning Division

Hideki Shimada

Founded 80 years ago in Suwa, a city nestled in the rich natural environment of Nagano Prefecture, Epson has always maintained ambitious environmental goals.

Environmental Vision 2050 is a statement of our commitment to the environment. It was conceived not from a perspective of what we can or cannot achieve but based on what we must achieve as a product creator and manufacturer. Global action is needed to achieve sustainability, as the contribution that any one company can make by reducing the environmental impact of its business activities is limited. Environmental Vision 2050 articulates actions for creating synergies with business partners based on our technologies, products, and services and for allowing us to play a part in creating a better world.
To achieve our goals in Environmental Vision 2050, we set Epson 25 Renewed (2025) and the SDGs (2030) as mid-term milestone targets and have been working steadily to bridge the gap needed to reach them.

1 Non-renewable resources such as oil and metals
2 Target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions aligned with the criteria under the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi)

Environmental Vision 2050

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