Environmental Technology Development


Develop new environmental solutions that integrate materials technologies, and contribute to decarbonization and closing the resource loop

We will look to simultaneously create environmental businesses by developing new solutions that help reduce environmental impacts.
For example, by combining material technologies such as dry fiber technology and metal powder control technology to create new products from waste materials and recycled materials, we will look to replace the use of underground resources with materials derived from above-ground resources.
Established of the Pararesin Japan Consortium to develop biomass plastic technology in March 2021. The goal is to have the capacity to supply 200,000 tons of biomass plastic annually in 2030.

Dry Fiber Technology (DFT)

Development of Bio-Based Plastics

Euglena Co., Ltd., NEC Corporation, and Epson, in collaboration with Professor Tadahisa Iwata of the University of Tokyo, established the Pararesin Japan Consortium to develop and popularize technology for pararesin, a biomass plastic that uses paramylon, a storage polysaccharide of the microalga Euglena. Technology is being developed for practical viability.

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Metal Powder Manufacturing Technology

Recycling Metal Materials in the Epson Group with Original Metal Powder Manufacturing Technology

Epson Atmix Corporation is using its metal melting and atomizing process technologies to produce metal powder products. In February 2020, the company began taking silicon wafers that were used in Epson's semiconductor fabrication business and producing metal powder from them. This reuse of wafers reduces Epson's waste, CO2 emissions, and use of underground resources such as virgin silicon. By the end of the 2021 fiscal year, Epson Atmix had recycled 8.5 tonnes' worth of silicon wafers. The company will continue to search for other materials that could potentially be upcycled into high-performance metal powders.

Super-fine powder with grain diameters of 10 microns or less

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