Corporate Citizenship

Epson will engage in corporate citizenship activities with our technologies and knowledge ,including contributions involving manpower.

Epson thinks that business activities themselves are to contribute to society.
While leveraging our strengths, we will strive to tackle various societal issues through co-creation. In addition, for issues that cannot be fully addressed through business activities alone, we will contribute to society through social support activities by donations and human support.

Basic Concept of Social Support Activities

Epson's social support activities

  • Contribute to the achievement of SDGs
  • We aim to realize a sustainable and spiritually rich society.
  • Engage in social support activities in local communities

Long-term vision

Aiming for the realization of "Happiness of society" where people can live fulfilling lives in a rich and healthy way, regardless of the environment in developed countries/developing countries.

Key activities

  • Environmental value: Coexistence of industry & the environment
  • Social value: Societal issues resolution & spiritual and cultural enrichment
  • Economic value: Steady reallocation of economic added value

Results of Social Support Activities

FY2022 1,610 million yen