Shareholders & Investors

Discussions with Shareholders and Investors

- Encouraging sound investment decisions and improving the quality of management -

IR Policies and Guidelines

Epson, led by the PR & IR Department and the Sustainability Promotion Office, continuously and proactively engages institutional investors and individual shareholders throughout the year to build good communication that leads to sound investment decisions. Feedback gained from communicating with shareholders and investors is shared with management and used to improve management quality.

Although the number of shareholders and investors we can meet in person is limited, we are actively using tools such as bulletins and websites to convey our ideas to as many people as possible. We are focusing particularly on creating a website that can deliver information to a large audience simultaneously and are constantly updating sustainability and IR information.

Analyst and investor meetings*

* In addition to face-to-face interviews and meetings, this includes telephone and online interviews and conferences.

Annual IR Cycle

Other IR-related activities

  • Examine improvements to IR & sustainability tools and information
  • Early release and enhancement of materials related to the shareholders' meeting
  • Providing English language information to overseas investors
  • Updating and enhancing the content of the sustainability site
  • Ensuring compliance with the Corporate Governance Code and disclosure of actions taken
  • Web-based IR activities, such as remote interviews during the pandemic

FY2020 Engagement Activities

ESG Meetings in Response to a Rising Tide of ESG Investment

Opportunities for discussing corporate ESG activities have increased with the rise of ESG investing. Epson met with institutional investors again in FY2020 to explain its activities and ideas related to the environment, society, and governance. A wide range of topics were discussed, including materiality and the Epson value creation story, setting quantitative targets for TCFD disclosure, and strengthening the governance system. The insights gained positively impact the company's operations, as they help to formulate future policy and strategy and improve board effectiveness.

Our ESG programs are increasing corporate value and making the company stronger. For a company like Epson, whose businesses are based on solving societal issues, ESG programs are simply a routine part of operations, and we will further advance ESG and sustainability management through dialogue with institutional investors.

Information Disclosure and IR Events during the Pandemic

Our IR activities significantly changed in 2020, as new solutions had to be found to meet with and deliver information to investors. Since COVID-19 caused upheaval in the market environment and heavily impacted Epson's business performance and strategies, carefully and coherently explaining these changes was a major topic of study. The pandemic also drew attention to the social side of business, such as employee health, relationships with business partners, and crisis management. Seiko Epson endeavored to proactively disclose information through the Integrated Report, web sites, and various other avenues.

In addition, nearly all earnings announcements and IR meetings were taken online. While online events are more convenient for the participants, greater care must be taken to ensure that the parties understand one another. Epson will continue to deepen dialogue with shareholders and investors.