Integrated Report

Integrated Report 2023

Integrated Report 2023

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Interactive PDF (PDF,5.9MB)


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Introduction (PDF,815KB)

  • Editorial Policy/INDEX
  • A History of Value Creation/At a Glance
  • Financial and Non-Financial Highlights

CEO Message (PDF,575KB)

Purpose (PDF,550KB)

  • Our Purpose
  • Embedding Purpose

Vision Progress (PDF,140KB)

Sustainability Management and Financial Strategies (PDF,620KB)

  • CFO/CSuO Message
  • Responding to TCFD Recommendations
  • Value Creation Story
  • Sustainability Management
  • Key Sustainability Topics and KPIs

Value Creation Strategy (PDF,1.3MB)

  • Overview
  • Performance Highlights
  • Value Creation Strategy

Value Creation Platforms (PDF,1.4MB)

  • Environmental Strategy & Technology Development Strategy
  • Intellectual Property Strategy
  • Supply Chain Strategy
  • Human Resources Strategy
  • Social Support

Strengthening Governance (PDF,815KB)

  • Dialog Between Institutional Investors and Outside Directors
  • Corporate Governance
  • Actions to Ensure Board Effectiveness
  • Officer Compensation
  • Compliance
  • Risk Management
  • Board of Directors

Fact Data (PDF,485KB)

  • Consolidated Financial Highlights
  • Global Networks
  • Group Outline
  • Notes (Back cover)


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