Environmental Message

"Engineering Precision. Innovating Sustainability."

This message expresses Epson's commitment as a manufacturer to realizing a sustainable future by driving technological advances based on a philosophy of efficient, compact, and precise innovation. The pursuit of ever greater efficiency, compactness, and precision that we have embraced for so long goes well beyond technology. "Efficient, compact, and precise" encompass a philosophy for eliminating waste, reducing dimensions, and increasing precision. We believe that this approach can enable us to create even greater social value. In other words, it is the idea that less is more. More and bigger by themselves do not equal enrichment. After all, bigger is not always better. Epson considers spiritual and cultural enrichment to be as important as material and economic enrichment. We believe that enriching the lives of current and future generations lies at the crux of sustainability. We at Epson respect the natural environment as something that helps to enrich lives and thus seek to strike a harmonious balance between our business activities and the environment. And we will continue to challenge ourselves to realize a sustainable future.

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