Environmental Management

As stated in its Management Philosophy, Epson's business is anchored in a commitment to environmental conservation. Epson carries out environmental programs under uniform standards and goals in every country and region of the world. Our basic environmental stance is set forth in Epson Principles of Corporate Behavior and in the Environmental Vision 2050. In recent years our customers, along with society in general, have become interested in reducing their environmental impacts. The desire to deliver reduced environmental impact products and services that surprise and delight our customers is embodied in the Exceed Your Vision tagline.

Environmental Management System

Business units within the Epson Group establish their own environmental action plans based on the Epson 25 Renewed Corporate Vision, and carry out the activities using an Environmental Management System (EMS). We conduct internal audits to check performance against the plans and take corrective action against nonconformances.
We operate our EMS in compliance with the international ISO 14001 international standard, and we implement a planning and control cycle to effect continuous improvement. Epson's main global manufacturing, sales, and service sites are pursuing integrated business process and environmental management initiatives as required by ISO 14001 (2015), and are renewing their certifications. In FY2021, the certificated sites represented 85% of revenue.

All financially consolidated companies in the global Epson Group have environmental programs and, in the FY2021, environmental data was gathered from 52 of those companies (representing 95% of revenue).

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Environmental Performance

Epson consumes resources and, in the process of conducting business activities across the life cycles of its products and services, emits GHGs and other emissions to the air, land, and water.
We are working to assess the environmental impacts of our business activities across the value chain in an effort to reduce our impacts.

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