Creating Value with Customers

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Hankyu Hanshin Department Store / Revitalization of sales floors and events with textile printing and projection

Creating New, Digitally Enabled Customer Value

An Epson digital textile printer and projectors were used at Kimono Creation, an event held in collaboration with Hankyu Hanshin Department Store and Digina, a textile printer, kimono production, and sales company. Unique Yukata designed by creatives were selected and printed on-demand. The yukata were displayed virtually, allowing the store to limit the number of physical samples and save sales floor resources.

Epson's digital technology led to sales by enabling designers to physically reproduce their designs and shoppers to choose from a variety of designs.

Getting Shoppers to Stop

International Fashion Sales Manager, Gofuku Sales Department

Hidenobu Yamamoto

In retail stores, it is important to get customers to stop. Visual presentation is a tried-and-true tactic for getting shoppers to stop, and this is where projection excels. In addition, projection not only captivates shoppers but also has environmental benefits because it reduces waste that accompanies store displays.

We also expect digital textile printing to create new product categories and bring new value to the kimono industry, which has been shrinking in recent years.

Reinventing Stores and Sales Floors

Projection was used in this sales floor event to minimize the resource waste that accompanies in-store displays.

Six yukata, each a unique prize-winning design printed using an Epson digital textile printer, were displayed. Projection mapping was used to display additional yukata designs recruited from the designer community, giving shoppers a selection of some 90 designs from which to choose. By discussing the customer's wishes and exploring the future of in-store displays with them, we suggested a new way to advertise on the sales floor so that the customer can eliminate waste from unsold items and produce effective displays in limited space.

Efforts like this will lead to the creation of new styles and value in store decoration, apparel design, commercialization, and sales.

Dialogue and Creative Activities

Digital printing and projection applications for the office have rapidly expanded, and in unexpected directions. We at Epson will put even greater emphasis on dialogue with customers and business partners in order to discover these endless possibilities. This event with Hankyu Hanshin Department Store and Digina was the embodiment of collaboration and good communication.

In a digital world, it is not uncommon for new value to be created with a sudden idea or fora new business model or market to be created in a blink of an eye. The speed with which the world is changing makes it especially important to listen to our customers and partners, improve our products, and create new cultures.

Expanding Horizons

Digina Corp.

Hisakatsu Iuchi

We simply asked for submissions for the event and were surprised to quickly receive nearly 100 entries. It again showed that, if you connect digitally, world about creative events like this will spread far more widely than before. I also realized that they have even greater potential, so I want to try to gradually expand the scope of activities. Digital collaboration will enable us to protect our precious craftspersons and leave traditional techniques on a digital platform for future generations.