Paper Products Procurement

The illegal logging of forests is a very serious issue for those seeking to protect the environment on the global scale and practice sustainable forest management. Around the world, greater efforts are being made to ensure legality and sustainability during the procurement of wood products.

Epson thus manages its entire supply chain from the immediate supplier all the way back to the forest to ensure the legality, sustainability and environmental safety of the paper products we procure. We ask that suppliers understand the intent and nature of these initiatives and give us their full support.

Stance on Procurement of Paper Products

Epson has established a procurement policy for paper, the major forest product we procure. Under this policy, we adhere to the practices below that support, the social, economic and environmental sustainability of forests.

  1. We make effective use of used paper and other recycled pulp.
  2. When virgin is used as a raw material in paper goods we procure, we confirm its
    • legality
    • sustainability
    • chemical safety
    • environmental management

Scope of Application

At Epson, the Procurement Policy applies to the procurement of specialty paper for use in Epson printers.

Content of Conforming Procurement Management

Suppliers are asked to provide a Certificate of Conformity to Epson Paper Products Procurement Policy to confirm their compliance with the Procurement Policy.