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Cooperation with Local Communities

Tanzania / Providing Quality Education in Africa is the Goal for Epson and World Mobile


The world of education is struggling with numerous challenges. In developing countries, there are not enough places or opportunities for education because the infrastructure has not been built. In developed countries, there are not enough educators.

In November 2021, Epson Europe B.V. (EEB, Netherlands) and World Mobile Group (WM, UK) jointly launched a project to build quality educational environments in African schools. WM is providing network connectivity at schools and EEB is sending Epson inkjet printers and projectors. Through the partnership, we aim to realize an educational environment of high quality even for remote users and provide a fair, high-quality educational environment to all, so that no child is left behind.
The networks the project provides and the schools that serve as a public resource are at the heart of newly emerging communities and industries.


  • Electricity generation / Network carrier: World Mobile Group
  • Government: Tanzania Ministry of Education

Form of involvement

  • Supporting high-quality education using projectors and education from developed countries
  • Building networks to create new economic foundations that bring people together
Message from partner

Micky Watkins

World Mobile Group, CEO

"We do not believe that the opportunities to learn, earn and grow as a human beings should be dictated by the place of birth. We believe in equal opportunities for all.
We believe that working together is very beneficial to people in Africa because our combined efforts will allow children to be part of the connected world and to enjoy an enhanced educational experience due to Epson's technologies."

Issues addressed and benefits

Activities and Approach

Certain parts of the world do not have sufficient educational environments because of a lack of facilities, equipment, and educators. By providing quality educational environments using the power of IT, we are helping to train human resources who will be a foundation for future local development. The networks the project provides and the schools that serve as a public resource are at the heart of newly emerging communities and industries.

South Africa / Establish local economy and employment with giving digital printing skills.


Epson South Africa has established a new venue with great potential to support the local community.

Retrain and Reimagine is a new initiative that will look to support individuals to learn new skills. Unemployment is >32% in South Africa and this initiative will offer valuable knowledge and experience to the individual and more broadly benefit society.
Epson South Africa will seek to work with local companies and education institutions to develop this initiative. Through a partnership with Print SA, the printing industries federation of South Africa, Epson South Africa will have the ability to contribute to and sponsor individuals to attend learning programmes which will prepare them to enter the printing industry.


  • Students
  • Artists
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business partners

Form of involvement

  • Sponsorship to attend learning programs
  • Free use of the Epson Commercial and Industrial Facility
  • Expert advice about specialized printing applications (signage, textile and photo printing, etc.)
  • Technical support for production workflows

Issues addressed and benefits

Activities and Approach

In a region suffering heavy unemployment, we support new businesses and creativity by providing students, young entrepreneurs and artists with learning programs, expert advice and technical support about specialized printing applications and production workflows.

Japan / Hosting triathlon in partnership with local community and tourism facilities


Local governments in Nagano Prefecture's Suwa area, along with local chambers of commerce and industry and the Nagano Prefecture Triathlon Association, put on the Suwako 8Peaks Middle Triathlon in June 2022. Epson assisted with triathlon operation by tapping its GPS and sensor technology. Epson providing sensors and GPS to ensure athlete safety by detecting falls and tracking location.
By ensuring a safer, more enjoyable event, the partners hope to promote repeat attendance, make the community more appealing, and further expand events to encourage local development.

Sports Tourism Unique to the Suwa Area

Kazumi Shirotori

Proprietress, RAKO Hananoi Hotel

In recent years, the needs and values of our guests have changed dramatically. Visitors are looking for new tourism content that makes the most of the resources unique to the Suwa area. With the triathlon this year, we are trying to create new tourism content through partnerships among the different fields of technology, sports, and sightseeing.

We use digital devices to protect the safety of our guests as well as to then use data to provide new services and an enjoyable experience. We are looking forward to providing hospitality that will attract even more visitors to Suwa.

A New Way to Promote Regional Development

Activities and Approach

Epson's GPS and sensor technology was used in running the inaugural Suwako 8Peaks Middle Triathlon, an event created to attract visitors to the region. The technology was also used to capture data and create a way for athletes to compete against their own times on the same course on a different day and against other athletes that they use as benchmarks. This and other new services based on GPS data have the potential to draw visitors to the area after the triathlon and to boost the local economy.