Customer Satisfaction

Epson undertakes various activities to provide our customers with satisfaction that exceeds their expectations through our products, services, production and sales from product design stage to after-sales service.

Product Design

Epson seeks to meet the expectations of customers from the product design stage. As part of this effort, our design engineers personally visit customers to listen first-hand to their thoughts and needs. They also visit information centers to gather and analyze information on the types of problems customers may be having.

Advertising Initiatives

We work to avoid incorrect product descriptions, deceptive advertising, and any product appeal that might lead to an incorrect understanding. Our goal is to ensure that customers correctly understand our products' functions when making a purchase.

At Epson, we have a control system in place to check images and text before we publish them on web pages, advertising, and the like. This ensures that the images and text provide accurate information, are not unethical or discriminatory, and are compliant with copyright and personal data laws. We also have Group standards on the use of social media and work to ensure that the information we share on such media is fair and appropriate.

Initiatives of Sales Companies

Product Service and Support that Keeps Businesses Running

Users of business printer can find their work interrupted if their printer breaks down or if it runs out of consumables. To avoid such work interruptions, sales company Epson Taiwan Technology & Trading Ltd. (ETT) began in 2016 offering business inkjet printer users a package that includes regular on-site service. This is the first service of its kind in Taiwan's office printing industry.

Support staff members with thorough product knowledge visit customer sites to inspect and maintain their printers. They also let customers know when they can expect to run out of ink based on print use patterns. This service has sharply reduced printer breakdowns and ensures stable print quality. And since ETT is able to deliver ink before it runs out, work interruptions are far less frequent. These regular site visits are also an important opportunity to get feedback directly from users.

Epson, whose products are used by customers around the world, is increasing customer satisfaction by having local sales companies provide service and support that meets local needs.

After-Sales Service for Epson PCs

Epson Direct Corporation's support policy reads as follows: "Every second counts. Never make customers wait. Earn customer satisfaction and ongoing loyalty."

Our customers' work does not wait when their PC fails. Obviously a strong quality program is essential for preventing PC failures in the first place, but when failures do occur, minimizing customer downtime becomes the top priority. We provide a one-day guarantee on repairs, during both the standard warranty period and for the extended pick-up warranty. If an Epson PC should fail during the coverage period, Epson Direct will repair it and return it the next day, weekends included.