Auto-Accelerator and Auto-Speed

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Maximizing Robot Performance with Auto-Accelerator and Auto-Speed

Robots on production lines must move fast and accurately to improve productivity. Auto-accelerator and auto-speed are technologies that automatically set acceleration and speed to large values while limiting vibration to the range set for the motor regardless of how the robot moves.

Addressing the problem of lengthy robot optimization

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Robot acceleration and speed are commonly set to high values in order to reduce the time required for processes on a production line. However, higher acceleration and speed settings can cause errors and problems due to increased operating vibration and torque that exceeds the allowable range of the motor. To overcome these challenges and achieve maximum acceleration and speed, we had to move the arm for each robot movement pattern, measure the data, and repeatedly add corrections.
Setting up multiple movements on the same robot requires even more effort. For example, if you set the upper limit for acceleration based on movements with the arm extended, the speed and acceleration that should be possible to exert in moves with the arm folded will be limited. The reason is that, since the distance from the drive shaft to the center of gravity is longer when the arm moves while extended, the inertia (moment of inertia = mass x radius2) is larger and the required motor torque is higher.* Also, the larger the radius of gyration, the greater the vibration. Since each movement has to be set up to maximize performance, the time it takes to set up the robot increases each time a move is added.
So, even though robots are introduced to improve work efficiency and productivity, it can take a lot of time and effort to make full use of their capabilities.

* Inertia is the physical property by which an object in a state of rest retains its state of rest or by which a moving object continues moving.

Auto-Accelerator and Auto-Speed

Auto-accelerator and auto-speed automatically set the acceleration and speed to large values while limiting vibration to the allowable range of the motor regardless of how the robot moves. Even if the way the robot moves or the orientation of moves are different, the optimum values are automatically set, taking into account the change in inertial force caused by the movement of the robot arm.
In this way, the robot itself constantly calculates the appropriate acceleration and speed from various parameters and continues to set the optimum values, realizing auto-accelerator and auto-speed that maximizes the robot's performance.

Technology refined in Epson's own factories

Epson was able to develop auto-accelerator and auto-speed technology because it uses its own robots in its factories and continually refines them. By efficiently using the performance of the motors and maximizing the capabilities of the robots, we are making it easier than ever to introduce robots and automate manufacturing.

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