Executive Message

An IP Strategy That Supports a Purpose-based Growth Strategy Scenario

Toshihiko Kobayashi
Executive Officer,
General Administrative Manager,
Intellectual Property Division

The Intellectual Property Division seeks to help achieve Epson's Purpose-based corporate vision of achieving sustainability and enriching communities. Toward this end, the division closely collaborates with management, the operations divisions, R&D departments, and strategy departments to proactively utilize all forms of intellectual property in support of business growth. Our hard work is paying off by sustaining growth in corporate value.

Epson's printheads are an illustrative example. The ultra-precision processing technology we have developed over the decades is a source of competitive advantage for Epson. We have used this technology to refine our unique Micro Piezo printheads. In addition, protected by Epson's strong intellectual property, these printheads are built into an extensive range of Epson's own printers and by large-scale capital investment, Epson has been able to mass produce the printheads and further expand our product lineup to drive business growth. The added capacity also enabled us to begin selling printheads to external customers. The use of Epson's printheads by others in the commercial and industrial sectors has helped to expand the digital printing market.

In addition, support from an IP perspective has accelerated the development of potential new markets. This support has been used to guide investments in startups and co-creation projects through open innovation.

Toshihiko Kobayashi

Intellectual property thus serves as a foundation for creating a positive business cycle. It allows us to invest further in research and development and helps us to maintain a competitive advantage by continuing to evolve Epson's printheads.
In essence, it is the intellectual property we create that supports the growth strategy scenario.

For more information on Epson's intellectual property strategy, please refer to our Integrated Report.

Integrated Report