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Epson's Brand Protection Activities

Epson's Policy Against Counterfeit Products

Epson is actively engaged in anti-counterfeiting measures aimed at ensuring that customers can use Epson products safely and securely. When counterfeit products are inferior products that do not have the quality that customers have come to expect from Epson products, there is a risk that customer safety may be compromised, which in turn could undermine the value of the Epson brand that customers have come to trust and have a serious impact on Epson's business activities.

Based on our Management Philosophy that emphasizes a relationship of trust with our customers and society, Epson operates our business with the utmost respect for the rights of others in accordance with laws, regulations, and corporate ethics. At the same time, in order to ensure that Epson's legitimate rights are also respected, in addition to taking legal action against counterfeit products, Epson is taking strict legal action, in accordance with laws and regulations, against products that infringe on Epson's intellectual property rights.

What are Counterfeit Products of Epson products ?

Counterfeit products of Epson products include ink cartridges, ink bottles, ink ribbons, and toner, which are consumables for printer products, as well as watches and replacement lamps for projectors.

As shown in the case studies below, counterfeit products are goods made to appear genuine by imitating the brand name, product shape, and other product features. In many cases, they are indistinguishable from the genuine item at first glance, and customers may mistakenly purchase them for the real thing.

Counterfeit Products of Epson products

Epson's Measures Against Counterfeit Products

In order to protect our valued customers from being harmed by counterfeit products, Epson is promoting the 4 NOs Activity, which consists of “NO manufacturing,” “NO importing/exporting,” “NO selling,” and “NO buying.”

NO Manufacturing
NO importing/exporting
NO selling
NO buying
NO Manufacturing

Epson is collaborating with relevant government agencies worldwide to raid manufacturers, manufacturing plants, and warehouses that are the production bases of counterfeit products, with the aim of eliminating counterfeit products from the very foundation of the industry.

Case: Manufacturing equipment and ink bottles exposed at a counterfeit goods manufacturing plant in China

Manufacturing equipment
Counterfeit ink bottles
NO importing/exporting

Epson collaborates with customs offices worldwide to stop the import and export of counterfeit goods at national borders. In Japan and the U.S., customs offices also stop counterfeit goods based on patent or design rights, as well as trademark rights.

Cases: Examples of goods seized at Japan Customs

1) Ink bottle
2) Ink cartridge
3) Ink cartridge

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NO selling

Epson conducts warnings, raids, and lawsuits against physical stores that sell counterfeit goods to prevent them from selling counterfeit goods in their stores.
In the online marketplace, which has been rapidly expanding in recent years, Epson monitors online marketplaces in about 40 countries and regions worldwide and requests deletion of more than 100,000 listings of counterfeit products and fraudulent labels per year.
In addition, Epson is also making efforts to educate dealers who handle Epson products.

Case: Example of a listing that was deleted as selling counterfeit products in the online market

NO buying

Awareness-raising activities on the existence of counterfeit products are also important to prevent customers from purchasing counterfeit products, and Epson is conducting such activities in stores, online, and at trade shows.
In addition, in areas where counterfeit products are particularly prevalent, labels that allow customers to determine the authenticity of the product themselves are used.

Case: Scene of a seminar on authenticity

(Epson's counterfeit products introduction booth at the “China International Fair for Investment and Trade” in September 2019)

Counterfeit Products and Genuine Products
trade shows

Epson's Brand Promotion Activities

Brand Promotion Activities Through Intellectual Property

Epson is engaged in activities to increase brand value so that customers can feel pride, joy, and peace of mind by owning our products. Epson considers one factor that enhances brand value is intellectual property and, through product promotion, is introducing patent rights, design rights, and trademark rights that are used in Epson products.

Brand Promotion Case Studies

1. Utilizing design rights in printer promotions

Epson Design: Layout Design (

2. Utilizing patent rights in watch promotions

News release (Japanese only)

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