Registration of the first layout designs in the large-format printer market (*1)

Japan's revised Design Law, which came into effect on April 1, 2020, expanded protections to include interior designs (*2) (referred to as layout designs below), and Epson became the first in the large-format printer market (*1) to register layout designs that incorporate the Epson printer .

We applied for layout designs to ascertain the originality of printer installation layouts. The Japan Patent Office recognized that they were novel because they had no counterpart among publicly known designs, either domestic or foreign, and were not easy to create.
The registered layout designs can be used with the printers below.


Inkjet Printer

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Secure layout flexibility with a design that suits various installation environments

This simple, clean design integrates a stand and printer, making it suitable for a variety of different installation environments.

Registered layout designs

Layout designs using the SC-P8550D and/or SC-T7750D

Two layout designs have been newly registered.

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Gazette link source: Patent Information Platform (J-PlatPat)

(*1) The first in the large-format printer market per a Japanese design ghazette announcing registered interior designs that are open to the public as of December 12, 2021 (according to Epson research)

(*2) Interior designs are designs related to articles, etc., that comprise the interior of a store, office, or other facility. The layout designs introduced here were registered as interior designs for a printing workroom. For details, please refer to the links below on the JPO official website:

Revised Design Act "Information for Architects and Interior Designers"

(*) The layout designs presented here have been registered as interior designs of printing workrooms.

(*) The layout designs presented here can be freely used with the SC-P8550D, SC-T7750, or other Epson printer with a similar design, whether purchased or leased. These printers can also be freely installed in a way that suits the customer's usage environment, without using the layout designs.