LX-10000F / 7000F

Inkjet Printer


LX-10000F/7000F / Designed for Easy Use and Functionality That Harmonizes With the Office Users and Atmospheres

Designed for Easy Use and Functionality That Harmonizes With the Office Users and Atmospheres

The LX-10000F/7000F is an A3 size-compatible color inkjet multifunction printer for medium and large offices. We wanted an appearance that lets you naturally feel the "print speed," which can print 100 A4 sheets in one minute, as well as the "environmental performance" unique to the inkjet system that does not use heat. On the other hand, we also wanted a universal appearance that does not seem old even when the device has been used for a long period of time. This design achieved both goals.
We aimed to create a tool that can be used by anyone working in the office and supports work in a pleasant way, taking into consideration detailed usability to increase productivity.

Simple and clean appearance that harmonizes with the atmosphere

The simple appearance organizes the elements for a design that harmonizes with a variety of office spaces. We aimed for a device that never gets old even when used for a long period of time.

The inkjet system does not use heat and consumes a small amount of power, and these characteristics are expressed in the clean appearance without exhaust vents and the unified, large, round, friendly shape.

Fastest printing speed for a flagship machine

The diagonally-placed paper discharge section on the front of the printer expresses the fastest printing speed held by a top-of-the-line model.

Ease of use for diverse office users

The paper cassette handle can be grasped with either an overhand or underhand grip, and the controls are colored to make them easy to understand even for first-time users. In these ways and more, we have paid close attention to usability to create a product that is easy to use for everyone.

Also, the paper feeding and discharging sections and the operation panel are partially black to make it easier to check the status of paper feeding and discharging and the LEDs.