Inkjet Printer


EP-50V / Reliable Tool for Work and Hobby

Reliable Tool for Work and Hobby

The EP-50V is a high-resolution printer supporting the A3 extended size. With a wide range of color reproduction through its new 6-color ink, it can meet a variety of needs from posters and advertisements to hobby photography.
A3 high-resolution printers are used not only by photo enthusiasts, but also by SOHOs, restaurants, and the like to print posters that take advantage of their high resolution. However, since SOHOs and store backyards are very limited in space, printers need to be compact not only during installation but also during use.
Therefore, we pursued operability that can be used even in a tight space, along with the expectation of high resolution printing and reliability as a work tool.


In the operation panel and paper feeding and discharging sections, we carefully selected and laid out only the truly necessary elements from among the various elements to aim for a simple appearance. By harmonizing with the interior atmosphere and maintaining a clean space, this printer lets you create a workplace where you can concentrate on your work or a space where you can immerse yourself in your hobbies.

Expectation of printing quality and reliability as a work tool

In order to express high quality printing while maintaining simplicity, the front is slightly tilted and the top edge is sharply angled to achieve a tight appearance. We paid special attention to details such as the weighty, large, round form, the control panel, and the thickness of the paper support that supports the paper during feeding, and by doing so, created a sturdy and reliable product that can withstand daily operation.

Compact use

In addition to the fact that all basic operations can be performed from the front, the flat top surface features an embossed dotted matte that makes scratches and dust less noticeable. It provides a temporary place to store a camera or printed materials so you can effectively use the limited space around your desk.