Flatbed Scanner


DS-1660W / Install Anywhere, Scan All Kinds of Content

Install Anywhere, Scan All Kinds of Content

The DS-1660W is a flatbed scanner with an ADF (Auto Document Feeder). While its compact design allows it to be installed in tight spaces such as on a counter, it can also handle a variety of documents such as large volumes of documents, important documents, and thick booklets.
This model is characterized by the black line running horizontally across the simple white chassis and the panel neatly laid out within that line.
The white chassis exudes a quiet presence that blends in with the office and a sense of trust that allows you to entrust your document to it with peace of mind, while the black accent line suggests a sense of sophistication.

Can be installed anywhere to avoid wasting workspace

The free-stop function allows the document cover to be fixed at the desired position, even in places with height limitations such as the top of a PC rack or under a counter, allowing you to work efficiently and safely using both hands.

With a design that reduces the protrusion of rear connectors and eliminates the need for wasted clearance between the unit and the wall, this product saves valuable work space.

Easy access from anywhere

The document cover can be firmly grabbed from the front or right side, improving the flexibility of the workspace layout.

Clear control panel

The control panel is laid out neatly and simply.

The panel is integrated with the dividing line running horizontally across the body, leading the user to an intuitive operation flow without any confusion.

The document loading position at the front right and the start button laid out below it allow the user to start scanning in the shortest possible operation.