Smart Glasses


BT-300 / The Future Reflected by a Light Frame

The Future Reflected by a Light Frame

The MOVERIO BT-300 is a pair of smart glasses. Put them on just like normal glasses and you'll see a large screen appear before your eyes.
This product does not only project video, but also links that to the built-in gyro-sensor and acceleration sensor to let the user experience the video, creating a new video experience that is truly a feeling of the future. Designers and engineers have put various creative solutions into these smart glasses in order to make experiencing this future easier and more accessible.

Achieving supreme lightness

One of the barriers preventing the use of head-mounted displays is weight. To remove this barrier, engineers are constantly pursuing compact optical engines and lens designs.

The same is true for designers in their pursuit of lightweight products. The BT-300 has a silhouette that is stripped of all unnecessary parts. In addition, the thin frame is seamlessly connected to support the optical lens, expressing the lightness of the design.

The engineers and designers worked together to pursue a higher level of lightness, achieving a weight comparable to that of sunglasses and a beauty to match.

As comfortable as eyewear

The temples and nose pads, which affect the fit, and the clings that hold the nose pads in place are made with eyewear technology and know-how. The temples are made of resin material used for sunglasses to enable them to flexibly follow any head shape for support. The clings use a titanium material similar to ordinary eyeglasses, thus allowing for fine adjustments to suit the shape of each person's nose.

By applying optimal materials and techniques, we are now able to provide optimal comfort for many people.

A controller designed for the sense of touch

At first glance, the controller has a simple silhouette, but as you can see when you zoom in, it has a detailed surface treatment. The trackpad area has a wave-like texture, the Android keys have small protrusions, and the area around the arrow keys is concave. These are designed to ensure that the user can accurately operate the controller using only the bare minimum of their sense of touch in their fingertips, while focusing all of their visual sense on the displayed content.

AR (Augmented Reality) that is accessible for everyone

Smart glasses that realize AR are products that have the potential to greatly improve the quality of people's lives.

However, the early products were packed with many devices and were not user-friendly.

For the BT-300, engineers and designers worked together for further improvements to create a design that is lighter and more comfortable to use, making smart glasses that are more accessible to many people.