News Release Photos 2023

This archive contains Epson's news release photos, sorted by year.

December 22:

Construction Completed on New Factory for the Manufacture of Inkjet Printheads at Akita Epson

December 21:

Epson Invests in Microsatellite Startup Company Axelspace


December 20:

Epson's Linehead Inkjet Multifunction Printers Recognized for Excellence in Energy Efficiency and Conservation

October 12:

Construction to Begin on a 5.5 Billion Yen Sustainable Metals Refinery at Epson Atmix

October 12:

Epson Research Reveals More People Cite Climate Change as a Critical Global Issue

October 5:

Epson Wins 2023 Good Design Awards for Four Printers and Scanner

October 3:

Epson Starts Shipping Samples of Audio Playback LSIs with Buzzer Sound Function, Flash Memory and Built-in Oscillation Circuit

June 15:

Epson Expands Its Lineup of One-Inch Platform IMUs with High-Spec M-G370PDG

June 5:

Epson Awarded Order of the Blue Ribbon for Humanitarian Assistance to Ukraine

May 25:

Epson Makes Additional Investment in Space Robotics Development Startup GITAI

May 24:

Six Epson Printer and Projector Models Win iF Design Award 2023

May 16:

Epson Wins Best of the Best Awards in the Product Design Category at the 2023 Red Dot Design Awards

April 25:

New Epson Wellness SDK Supports Biological Measurements on More than Just the Wrist

April 12:

Epson and Loftware Partnership to Revolutionize Labeling Workflows

February 9:

Epson to Expand Its Lineup of Inkjet Printheads with Two New Models for a Wide Range of Industrial Applications

January 26:

Epson and Designer Yuima Nakazato Show a Glimpse of a More Sustainable Future for Fashion