Integrated Report 2021

Integrated Report 2021

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Interactive PDF (PDF,10.9MB)


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CEO Message (PDF,760KB)

Corporate Vision (PDF,970KB)

Value Proposition (PDF,3.3MB)

  • A History of Value Creation
  • Management Philosophy
  • Value Creation Story
  • Feature Article: Achieving Sustainability and Enriching Communities

Financial Strategies (PDF,530KB)

  • CFO Message
  • Responding to TCFD Recommendations

Value Creation Strategy (PDF,2.4MB)

  • CTO Message
  • Business Segment Overview
  • Office & Home Printing Innovation
  • Commercial & Industrial Printing Innovation
  • Manufacturing Innovation
  • Visual Innovation
  • Lifestyle Innovation
  • Microdevices Supporting the Five Areas of Innovation

Sustainability Management (PDF,435KB)

Value Creation Platforms (PDF,2.4MB)

  • Strengthening Governance
  • Achieving Sustainability in a Circular Economy
  • Realizing Responsible Supply Chains
  • Respecting Human Rights and Promoting Diversity
  • Increasing Stakeholder Engagement

Fact Data (PDF,885KB)

  • Consolidated Financial Highlights
  • Financial and Non-Financial Highlights
  • Global Networks
  • Public Recognition
  • Group Outline/List of Notes


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