Receipt Printer


TM-m30 / The Ultimate Cube

The Ultimate Cube

The TM-m30 is a smartphone-operated printer that issues receipts. Assuming that the product would be used in small-scale stores and stylish customer service counters, our design work began by considering the feelings and behavior of the people serving the customers. The first requirement is a compact size. Not only the actual size, but the presence itself should also be modest.
That's what led us to the ultimate simple form, a cube. The cube, with the same size on each side, is the ultimate shape for representing a compact size, as it instinctively reminds the viewer that there is no clumping or waste of contents.

Every surface is a face

The environment where receipt printers are placed and the circumstances where they are used vary from store to store. Orientation, height, on the counter, in the counter, cable routing - there are countless arrangements.

We removed directionality due to the shape as much as possible and gave each surface an identical presence for a cube shape that naturally fits any location.

Condensed ease of use

Even with a simple cube shape, if the operation is complicated, the product will be difficult to use. Therefore, we condensed the open/close switch, receipt outlet, and indicators into a single edge, placing the point of operation on the user's line of sight. When this single edge is facing the user, it is easier to perform a sequence of actions like checking the printer status by the indicators, taking away the printed receipt, and operating the lever to change the paper roll. We improved operability while increasing installation flexibility and space efficiency.

Flexible arrangement

In a store, the worker and the customer face one another. This means that the back of the printer will face the customer, so we also took the design of the back surface into consideration.

The customer display designed with this printer, which shows the amount of money and other information, is also consistent in design, so it naturally fits on top of the printer facing the customer.

Depending on the installation environment, even if back surface is placed up against a wall, the power supply and other cables are designed so that they can be taken out from the left and right corners, allowing the unit to be installed perfectly against the wall without any gaps.