PX-M680F / M780F / M781F

Inkjet Printer


PX-M680F / M780F / M781F / Simple Design for Both Office Harmony and Usability

Simple Design for Both Office Harmony and Usability

The PX-M680F/M780F/M781F printer is for SOHO workers at home or in small offices.

Many SOHO workers work in their home office, living room, study, or other living space. Conventionally, designs that strongly emphasized "high functionality and high performance" gave the impression that the products did not match these spaces and were difficult to operate.
That's why we designed a printer that harmonizes with the living space office and feels easy to use.

Focus on a "simple" design

We carefully selected only the elements that are truly necessary and eliminated the elements that create noise, aiming for a "simplicity" that exudes a relaxing atmosphere in the workspace without causing confusion about operation.

Harmony with the office

Rather than appealing to customers by pushing "function and performance" to the forefront, the design keeps functions within a mass of simplicity and harmonizes with the SOHO environment, which is also a living space.

A reliable work tool

As many SOHO workers work alone or in small groups, they do many things on their own, and the types of paper they print on are also diverse.

To support the work of such SOHO workers, we have designed an intuitive GUI and paper cassettes that allow for quick paper replacement and feeding.