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PF-81 / Tool for Making New Year's Cards

Tool for Making New Year's Cards

The PF-81 is a printer for people who don't have computers or smart devices, and people who want to easily make New Year's cards. We believed that the role of design is to create a simple and accessible tool that even people who are not good with machines would want to use.

High operability and functionality in a single, accessible form

The large, movable touch panel can display postcards at actual size, and the handle allows you to easily carry the product when clearing the table in the middle of making New Year's cards. These and other elements for operability and functionality have been combined into a soft, accessible, rounded shape that fits your hand like a bowl.

Focus on use as a tool

Due to the seasonal nature of making New Year's cards, this product can be used on various surfaces such as a kotatsu or table. In order to achieve both a panel angle adjustment mechanism that makes it easy to see and touch on surfaces of all heights, and a stand mechanism that makes pressing comfortable, we conducted a series of prototypes and verifications to find the necessary screen angle and pursue the optimal panel angle.

Designed to be touched

The perimeter of the panel has a rounded shape and matte surface treatment to be soft to the touch. The buttons have a matte leather-like surface treatment, designed as a tool that is comfortable to touch and use.