LW-PX900 / Z900FK

Label Printer


iF Product Design
lw-px900/lw-px900  A Tough Tool That Shines in the Work Site

A Tough Tool That Shines in the Work Site

The LW-PX900/Z900FK is an industrial hand-held label printer primarily for wiring workers. It is used for printing labels to manage cables and equipment in industrial fields such as construction work sites and equipment maintenance operations. Unlike ordinary household label writers, they are often used in harsh conditions while busily moving around, so they need to be easy to use in dimly lit or confined spaces, sturdy enough to withstand some shocks, and easy to carry around.

We believe that, after covering those points, it is the designer's job to create an attractive, tough tool that shines in the work site and exudes its presence as a tool used by professionals.

Sturdy exterior to withstand harsh environments

The first and foremost consideration in designing this product was to achieve and express robustness for withstanding harsh usage environments.

In order to protect the mechanism from strong shocks and scratches in the work site, black rubber is used around the main body, and the main body color is red so it stands out even in the dim light of the work site.

Polyhedral form

The characteristic polyhedron shape was sculpted with the image of a solid mass that has been stripped of all but the necessary parts.

While expressing a sturdy form that can withstand the work site, each polyhedral angle was formed to be different, to avoid a dull and simplistic look.

The sharp edges that connect the surfaces are positioned so that you can get a good grip no matter where you hold the product.

Handle born from work site feedback

When we surveyed the work sites where label printers are used, we found that they are frequently carried around. In addition, as peripheral tools are often carried along, it is very important for the label printer to be easy to hold and to carry.

Therefore, we decided to use a large and solid handle for easy and safe carrying.

In addition, we pursued a detailed design for various uses, such as a shape that can be placed vertically for storage in a minimum space, and a tilt angle when placed horizontally for easy use on a table.