EF-100 / Creating an Elegant Life

Creating an Elegant Life

The EF-100 is a home projector with a new concept.

More than just a tool for projecting images, this product is designed with a look that fits the interior atmosphere like a piece of art, delivering a more elegant image experience.
Not only is it convenient when in use, but when not in use, its square form and accent color add color to your space and enrich your life.

Always by your side

The simple shape and soft texture create a design that you will want to keep near you.

The compact, rounded shape and pleasant, leather-like texture make it easy to carry and install in a variety of places.

Making new experiences in your life

This product is made to be not only easy-to-carry but also easy-to-install.

The EF-100 can be installed facing any direction, so you can easily stand it up to project onto the ceiling in addition to the wall. By projecting onto the ceiling, you can enjoy your favorite movie or TV drama while relaxing in your bed.

The EF-100 will bring new and unprecedented experiences into your daily life.

Making new experiences in your life
Making new experiences in your life

Designer's Message

We put particular emphasis on the finish, in order to create something like an interior accessory.
The leather texture on the surface is designed to reduce the plastic feel and make it comfortable to the touch for carrying.
We also paid attention to the color of the metallic coating and the material of the fabric in the speaker section to match the trends in interior accessories.

In addition, with this model, we wanted the user to feel excited from when the product arrives until they use it, so we designed everything involved in the product, including the colorful box that lets you imagine how you'll use the product, to the simple user's manual and the simple remote control which uses less buttons than the normal model.

Hiroyuki Ochiai, Designer

Designer Struggles

Since this is a genre that I have never worked in before, it was difficult to find the best design for it.

We created more exterior prototypes of the design than for normal models, and listened to the opinions of people from various countries and regions to decide on a design.
As its specifications allow for projection onto the ceiling as well, we ultimately arrived at the current design, which looks natural when stood up straight.