Epson and 4D Sensor Forge Capital and Business Ties

- TOKYO, Japan, October 31, 2019 -

Seiko Epson Corporation (TSE: 6724, "Epson") has invested in venture company 4D Sensor Inc., and the parties have entered into a partnership agreement aimed at creating new value using high-speed 3D measurement technology.

4D Sensor was established as a university startup in 2012 for the purpose of applying the results of research performed at Wakayama University in Japan for the good of society. Armed with original technology and measurement methods, 4D Sensor is developing fast, accurate, and practical methods of measuring shape, deformation, and strain/displacement. It is also developing a one-pitch phase analysis (OPPA*1) method that enables 3D scanning of moving objects.

These technologies are expected to help increase the speed and efficiency of automated production lines in combination with industrial robots and projectors. Moreover, 4D Sensor's technology for dynamically capturing the strain/displacement of buildings, bridges, and other large structures, can be combined with Epson's quartz sensors, which capture movements so fine as to be almost imperceptible, to make the world and its infrastructure safer.

Under its Epson 25 Corporate Vision, Epson seeks to accelerate growth by strengthening its business infrastructure as a manufacturing company; taking maximum advantage of its assets; and engaging in collaboration and open innovation. Epson sees the development, application, and implementation of high-speed 3D measurement technology as critical for achieving this vision.

Epson and 4D Sensor will combine their respective technologies to capitalize on business synergies as they seek to address infrastructure safety issues and innovate manufacturing processes.

The acquisition of shares will have a negligible effect on Epson's financial results.

4D Sensor profile

Company Name 4D Sensor Inc.
Address Noritsu Precision Building, 1F
579-1 Umehara, Wakayama City, Japan
Representative President and Representative Director Akihiro Masaya
Founded February 2012
Capital ¥99,520,000
Operations Development of high-speed 3D measurement technology and the provision of 3D measuring instruments and services
Employees 15 (as of August 2019)

* Please visit the website below for more information about 4D Sensor Inc. (Japanese only)

*1 OPPA (One Pitch Phase Analysis)
OPPA is a phase analysis method developed for measuring the 3D shape of an object that extracts only one pitch of a grating from one grating image and analyzes its phase. As a result, the phase can be analyzed at high speed and high accuracy compared with a conventional phase shift method using multiple grating images.

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