Epson Shipping Samples of New 16-Bit Flash Microcontroller

- S1C17M40 supports products from home appliance remote controllers to compact factory automation devices, including those requiring 5V operation -

S1C17M40 (Package Type:TQFP12-48pin)

- TOKYO, Japan, August 28, 2019 -

Seiko Epson Corporation (TSE: 6724, "Epson") has begun shipping samples of the newly developed S1C17M40, a low-power microcontroller with 16-bits of embedded flash memory. This microcontroller unit (MCU) is ideal for remote controlled home appliances such as air conditioners and for small factory automation devices such as time switches and counters. The company plans to produce 200,000 units per month.

Epson's single-chip MCUs, which integrate low-power and liquid crystal driving technologies, have earned a strong reputation among customers for applications in a variety of small devices. A growing number of MCUs support only low operating voltages, but there is still a strong need in factory automation equipment and some home appliances for MCUs that support 5 V operation. So, in 2017, Epson began volume-producing the S1C17M3 series of MCUs with selectable operating voltages ranging from 1.8 V to 5.5 V. The new S1C17M40 is considered the next-generation model in the S1C17M3 series, which is part of Epson's expanding S1C17 family of MCUs with 16-bits of embedded flash memory.

Like the other MCUs in the S1C17M3 series, the new S1C17M40 is a versatile MCU with specifications that are ideal for liquid crystal displays. The S1C17M40 also has an embedded oscillator circuit that is stable to within ±1% over an operating temperature range of 0℃ to 85℃, an improvement over the ±1% of the S1C17M3 at an operating temperature of 25℃. Moreover, the S1C17M40 is Epson's first single-chip MCU with embedded EEPROM. With an expanded range of new applications in everything from home appliance remote controllers to small factory automation devices, the S1C17M40 will help users reduce their bills of materials and save board space.

Epson is committed to helping its customers improve the performance of their products with solutions that leverage Epson's efficient, compact, and precision technologies.


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