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Responsibility to the Environment as a Manufacturer

The effects of global warming on the environment, such as climate change and desertification, are now becoming more serious on the planet. Against this backdrop, Epson has been seriously considering what we can do as a manufacturer and has been confronting environmental issues. One such initiative is to reduce the power consumption of printers by utilizing inkjet technology in our printer business, which is one of the pillars of our businesses.

Replacing Laser printers with Inkjet Printers will Reduce Power Consumption in Offices

Did you know what they may overlook is that printers and MFPs account for about 10%1 of total power consumed in a typical office? We see an opportunity to help them further cut their energy use and costs. Epson inkjet printers draw very little power2 when printing because ink droplets are ejected by the action of piezoelectric elements that contract under only a tiny applied voltage. In contrast, laser printers require heat-and a lot of electricity-to fuse toner to paper. The savings that can be made for each individual printer may be small. But if inkjet printers replaced laser printers in offices around the world, the power savings would be huge.

1 According to Epson research, based on a survey commissioned to SOMPO Risk Care Management Corporation (currently Sompo Risk Management Inc.; March 2018).
2 To learn more about power consumption of Epson inkjet printers, click here.

Every Epson Employee Gives Serious Thought to Social Issues

Online meetings with overseas sales companies.

Epson has offices all over the world. In some regions, economic development still takes precedence over environmental awareness. Epson will continue to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, motivated by passion of our employees, to raise environmental awareness around the world through inkjet printers.


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