Enriching Minds With Sensory Experiences

Making the World a Better Place Through Our Business Activities and Community Giveback Programs

We at Epson believe our business activities have the power to solve societal issues. Drawing upon our strengths, we work with our partners to introduce activities rooted in each region to 5 accomplish SDG outcomes and contribute to social sustainability. For issues that cannot be fully addressed through our business activities alone, we give back through donations, volunteer assistance, and various social programs.

Fantas Projection, a Rich Sensory Journey of Sight, Sound, and Feeling

The Fantas Aquarium projection show is one program we use to give back. A combination of video images, music, and softly wafting screens create a magical space. These installations are designed to relax the body and mind by providing a gently stimulating sensory experience at special-needs schools and hospitals nationwide. We've found that the Fantas Aquarium can free the mind and body, eliciting reactions rarely seen and engendering communication.

For a Future Enjoyable for All

Currently, Epson employees participate in Fantas Projection tours nationwide. Also, to accommodate special-needs schools and hospitals, we lend mobile projection cars to hold seminars introducing Fantas Projection sense experiences. Epson will continue to explore and evolve these experiences, offering even more access while engaging with various stakeholders. Epson strives to bring more color to the world for a future enjoyable for all.


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