Preserving Nature's Abundance for Future Generations Through Recyclables

Striving to Become Underground Resource Free1

Seiko Epson Corporation, Hirooka Office

The world must shift from a linear "take-make-dispose" economy to a sustainable, circular economy. As a manufacturer of a wide range of products, we've taken it upon ourselves to become underground resource free by 2050. To achieve this goal, we will reduce total resource inputs, eliminate waste, and increase the use of recycled materials in products to 100%. In our eyes, this objective is our obligation.

Recyclables in Epson's Printers

Disassembled EP-M553T (the right part: parts made of recycled plastic)
Cushioning made from cardboard

We must recycle and reuse above-ground resources to avoid consuming virgin underground resources.1 Epson uses recyclable resources in printers - our key product line. For example, we've developed printer housings that contain a percentage of recycled plastic.2 We have also stopped using Styrofoam cushioning in some products, replacing it with cushioning made from cardboard or with materials recycled using Epson's Dry Fiber Technology. Used paper from our own operations is reduced to fibers in a dry process3, mixed with a binder, and then molded. Paper-based cushioning performs as well as Styrofoam, providing the protection that our printers demand as precision machines. We will continue to develop technologies that combine quality and eco-friendliness for our products.

Expanding Recycling Initiatives

Printers housings that contain a percentage of recycled plastic

Epson collects used printers and ink cartridges worldwide. We have also launched a program to refurbish and reuse industrial printers. But there's a limit to what we can do alone. So, together with our customers and partners, we will endeavor to manufacture with recyclables by 2050.

1 Non-renewable resources such as crude oil and metals.

2 Recycled material is used in the plastic of printer housings.

3 Moderate humidity is required.


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