Leveraging Digital Technology to Connect People and Fashion in a Sustainable Way

Facing the Challenges of the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry today is required to expand high-mix low volume production in line with diversifying customer needs, at the same time paying attention to the impact on the environment to realize a sustainable society. Furthermore, the industry is faced with a disposal of a large number of clothing samples and unsold products in retail stores.

The Value Brought to Society by Epson's Digital Textile Printing Technology

Textile printing technology is used for printing on fabrics used for apparel. Among them, digital textile printing eliminates the plate-making process required in conventional analog textile printing and prints directly from the data, allowing personalization and customized designs to be printed, as well as small-quantity on-demand and multi-variety printing according to demand. Moreover, it takes less printing time. By producing only what is needed, when it is needed, the technology helps reduce unsold apparel products and waste loss. In other words, digital textile printing using inkjet technology allows us to flexibly respond to demand fluctuations and reduce environmental impact.

To a World where Everyone can Continue to Enjoy Fashion in a Sustainable Manner

Digital textile printing business is a new challenge for Epson. Apart from improving productivity and quality, we at Epson are ready to tackle issues at an operational level through collaboration. Epson has participated in the product display initiative by supplying our projectors to real stores, and made-to-order production of products powered by our digital textile printing. Through these initiatives, we will contribute to the reduction of product samples and inventory waste in stores.With the growing interest in ethical consumption around the world, we strive to realize a world where everyone can continue to enjoy fashion in a sustainable manner by fulfilling both the fashion industry's creation and consumption responsibilities.


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