CEO Message

Seiko Epson Corporation
President, CEO, and Representative Director
Yasunori Ogawa

To Current and Prospective Partners
Solving Societal Issues with Our Partners

We at Epson aspire to achieve sustainability and enrich communities. We approach the development of business by asking ourselves what we can do to solve societal issues and how we can use our technology to contribute to society.

Epson, with its roots in watch manufacturing, has a combination of efficient, compact, and precision technologies that save energy, save space, and make products smaller and exceptionally accurate. Over the years, we have capitalized on these technologies to develop original core devices and refine our design engineering and production technologies. The inkjet printers, projectors, sensing devices, robots, and other products that these technologies have yielded have been very well-received in markets around the world.

Epson has always primarily been a vertically integrated company, controlling everything from technology development through sales. However, we realize that there is a limit to how much we can do alone to solve societal issues around the globe. I believe we can help to solve societal issues by having more people effectively utilize our technology assets and by combining them with other technologies to create new and greater value. We will therefore expand co-creation with partners around the world.

We will provide distinctive products and core devices based on our efficient, compact, and precision technologies; use these to provide places and opportunities for co-creation and networking; and leverage corporate venture capital to co-create with a range of outside partners.1 We want to help solve societal issues by merging Epson's technologies, devices, and products with the ideas and technologies of our partners to create next-level value.

1 Seiko Epson established a corporate venture capital (CVC) subsidiary, Epson X Investment Corporation ("EXI"), to accelerate collaboration and open innovation with partners. EXI's mission is to use investment to contribute to solutions to societal issues and create new businesses with business partners.