Epson Atmix Purchases Land for New Factory in the Kita Inter Industrial Park

- The new factory will recycle used metal for metal powders and is the first step toward attaining Epson's vision of becoming underground resource1 free -

- TOKYO, Japan, July 20, 2022 -

Epson Atmix Corporation ("Atmix"), a group company of Seiko Epson Corporation (TSE: 6724, "Epson"), has formally concluded an agreement with Hachinohe City in Aomori, Japan, to purchase lot No. 16 in Hachinohe Kita Inter Industrial Park. Atmix plans to use the land to build a new factory to recycle used metals and produce raw materials for metal powders.

Atmix had been searching for some time for the best site to build the new factory. The Hachinohe Kita Inter Industrial Park was chosen due to its location. It has easy access to a major highway, seaport, and airport. The lot is situated on a hill that is 40 to 60 meters above sea level, so there is little risk from a tsunami. And this industrial park is already home to the Atmix Kita-Inter Plant. Construction on the new factory will begin next summer and operations are scheduled to start in the spring of 2025.

With the cooperation of Hachinohe municipal government, the local community, and other stakeholders, Atmix is moving to establish closed-loop recycling of metals. The new factory is the first step on the path to reaching Epson's goal of becoming underground resource1 free by 2050, as stated in Environmental Vision 2050.

Summary of the land acquisition

Acquisition date June 27, 2022
Land acquired Lot No. 16 in the Hachinohe Kita Inter Industrial Park
Address 4-111-2 Kita Inter Kogyo Danchi, Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture, Japan
Area Approx. 29,000 m2

For details about the new factory, please see the April 20 news release.
For information about Environmental Vision 2050, please visit the website below.

1 Non-renewable resources such as oil and metals

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