Epson Revises Group Human Rights Policy

- TOKYO, Japan, April 1, 2022 -

Seiko Epson Corporation (TSE: 6724, "Epson") has revised its Policies Regarding Epson Group Human Rights and Labor Standards established in 2005. The revised version is entitled Epson Group Human Rights Policy.

Epson!s Management Philosophy and Principles of Corporate Behavior are foundational to our management and we believe that respecting human rights is an important duty for a business to fulfill in all its activities. As such, even before now, Epson has acted in keeping with its Policies Regarding Epson Group Human Rights and Labor Standards. In April 2019, Epson joined the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), a nonprofit supporting the rights and wellbeing of workers and communities affected by the global supply chain. As a member of the alliance, we work with our suppliers to promote business activities in keeping with the RBA Code of Conduct. Now, in light of changes in the international community's awareness of human rights and the issues involved with them, Epson has revised its policy into the new Human Rights Policy with the approval of the company's Board of Directors.
Based on this policy, Epson aims to promote management that respects human rights in our business activities around the world and thereby achieve sustainability and enrich communities as announced in the Epson 25 Renewed corporate vision.

Items in the Policy

  • Article 1: Background
  • Article 2: Commitment to international human rights
  • Article 3: Scope of application
  • Article 4: Respect for human rights
    - Inhumane treatment
    - Privacy
    - Discrimination
    - Equal opportunity
    - Child labor, forced labor
    - Unreasonable dismissal
    - Freedom of association
    - Work environment
    - Working conditions
  • Article 5: Human rights due diligence
  • Article 6: Remediation
  • Article 7: Compliance
  • Article 8: Dissemination and education
  • Article 9: Disclosure and dialogues

The Epson Group Human Rights Policy may be found at:

For more details about the RBA, please visit:

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