Epson Partially Amends Corporate Governance Policy

- TOKYO, Japan, October 1, 2021 -

Seiko Epson Corporation (TSE: 6724, "Epson") announced that its Board of Directors, at a meeting held on September 30, approved amendments to the Corporate Governance Policy, a statement of the basic principles and framework for corporate governance within Epson.

Epson, which established the policy in September 2015, strives to continuously enhance and strengthen corporate governance so as to realize transparent, fair, fast, and decisive decision-making to achieve the goals declared in its Management Philosophy, promote sustainable growth, and increase corporate value over the medium and long terms.

Epson recently decided to partially amend the policy after analyzing its compliance with the spirit and content of Japan's revised Corporate Governance Code.
See the amended Corporate Governance Policy at the link below.

  • Article 11, "Ensuring Workforce Diversity," was amended to help ensure the diversity of core human resources.
  • Article 13, "Asset management and management of corporate pensions, "was newly established to enable appropriate monitoring and supervision of corporate pensions.
  • Article 15, "Establishing and Disclosing Business Plans," was amended to clarify the thinking with regard to the business portfolio and Article 14,"Appropriate Information Disclosure and Dialogue" and former Article 30 "Dialogue with Shareholders" were reorganized and integrated with regard to dialogue with shareholders.
  • Article 16, "The Role of the Board of Directors," was amended to better enable the Board of Directors to effectively discharge its functions.
  • Article 23, "Director Nomination Committee and Director Compensation Committee," was amended to clarify the independence, authority, and role of the Director Nomination Committee and Director Compensation Committee.

* Refer to attachment for further details. Amendments have been underlined.

To achieve its aim of realizing effective corporate governance that reflects prevailing social imperatives and the operating environment, Epson will review this policy, and amend it as necessary, on an annual basis.

Attachment : Details of main amendments to the Corporate Governance Policy(295KB)

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