The future of fashion co-created with YUIMA NAKAZATO

Epson Makes Appearance in New Documentary

“DUST TO DUST," a documentary movie that provides an intimate look at Yuima Nakazato, has been gradually rolled out nationwide in Japan.

The film opens with scenes from a visit by Mr. Nakazato to Kenya, known as the “graveyard of clothing.” Mr. Nakazato is in search of an answer to the question, "Where does the clothing that is produced finally end up?” Drawing inspiration from the mountains of discarded clothing he sees and from talking with the locals, he returns to Japan to create works for his fashion collection. Multi-award-winning director Kosai Sekine follows Mr. Nakazato over the year leading up to the unveiling of his collection at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week.

You can watch Mr. Nakazato as he confronts the realities of the fashion industry and searches for answers, making progress a step at a time toward the future of clothing by plying innovative ideas with a dauntless spirit.

The documentary also provides a glimpse behind the scenes of challenges faced in producing fashions featured in the film. Epson technicians are shown as they struggle with issues that crop up in the production process, going through repeated trial and error to upcycle discarded clothing and to reproduce the colors envisioned by the designer.

Discarded clothing that Mr. Nakazato procured in Kenya is successfully upcycled into sheets of new non-woven material using Epson's Dry Fiber Technology1.
Please enjoy a rare inside look at Epson and how discarded clothing of every shape and color is transformed into new fashion pieces through inkjet printing. Listen to discussions among engineers and technicians and watch the coming together of people who share the desire to create the future of fashion and the goal of perfecting works of couture fashion.

1 Proprietary Epson technology for defibrating a wide variety of materials for high-function applications. For more information, please see Epson's website.

Dry Fiber Technology

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©Luca Tombolini
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