PrecisionCore Lineheads

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PrecisionCore Lineheads

Epson's PrecisionCore printheads are core devices that were developed based on our Micro Piezo inkjet technology. Our PrecisionCore lineheads are an advanced type of printhead that reach printing speeds that far exceed those in conventional inkjet printing. Business inkjet printers equipped with PrecisionCore lineheads can deliver 100 sheets per minute* at a resolution of 600 dpi x 1200 dpi.1 They therefore meet the demand for high-speed, high-quality office, commercial and industrial printing.

Blazing speeds


Most inkjet printers are serial printers in which the printhead is rapidly moved back and forth over a page as the page is incrementally inched forward. Linehead printers, on the other hand, use printheads that are the same width as the paper and remain stationary as the paper is fed forward, enabling lineheads to deliver higher print speeds.

Original lineheads

PrecisionCore lineheads are produced through a combination of innovative thin-film piezoelectric materials and precision MEMS fabrication technology. They are compact and have high resolution yet are extremely responsive, provide impressively accurate ink droplet control, and deliver amazing prints at blazing speeds.
Epson increased the number and density of nozzles per print chip to achieve a resolution of 600 dpi x 1200 dpi. Thirty-six of these print chips are arranged diagonally on a head with a width of about 43 mm. The result is a compact linehead with about 33,500 effective nozzles.

PrecisionCore linehead

PrecisionCore linehead

Expanding inkjet applications

PrecisionCore MicroTFP print chip

PrecisionCore lineheads deliver astonishing image quality in the office, and at higher print speeds than laser printers with dramatically lower power consumption. Furthermore, since our print chips are modular and can be flexibly configured to produce a variety of printheads, they are expanding into commercial and industrial applications, in systems used to print items such as posters and labels. PrecisionCore lineheads have the potential to greatly expand the applications for inkjet printing.


* 100 sheets per minute for single-sided landscape view printing on an LX-10000F series A4 printer.