Epson Stylus Photo

A six-color photo inkjet printer

April 1997

Epson Stylus Photo

Printing method: On-demand inkjet
Nozzle configuration: Black: 32 nozzles; Color: 32 nozzles x 5 colors
Resolution: 720 dpi
Printing direction: Bidirectional printing with logic seeking
Paper feed method: ASF-type friction feed
Ink: Black ink cartridge; color ink cartridge (5 colors integrated into one tank)
Power supply voltage: AC 100 V +/- 10 %, 120V, 220-240V
Dimensions: (W) 429 x (D) 282 x (H) 165 mm
Weight: Approx. 5.2 kg

The Epson Stylus Photo (known in Japan as the PM-700C) combined fast printing with unprecedented image quality. This printer was issued with an original set of six inks, which were known as QuickDry. In addition to the four basic colors that had hitherto been used, light cyan and light magenta were added, making possible beautiful gradations with minimized graininess. In addition, Epson pulled out all the stops in equipping the Epson Stylus Photo with its Micro Piezo and other imaging technologies. The result of these moves was the achievement of unrivalled photo image quality. In addition, Epson used various print mechanisms in the Epson Stylus Photo, including printer drivers, data transfer, printer controllers, and the printer engine. Using the newly developed Micro Piezo print head with a higher nozzle count, the printer produced 720 dpi output at roughly twice the speed of previous printers.

With unrivaled photo-quality output and printing speed, the Epson Stylus Photo provided a blast of fresh air in the world of printers.