Epson Stylus Color

The world's first 720 dpi color inkjet printer

May 1994

Epson Stylus Color

Printing method: On-demand inkjet
Nozzle configuration: Black: 64 nozzles; Color: 16 nozzles x 3 columns
Resolution: 720 dpi
Printing direction: Bidirectional printing with logic seeking
Paper feed method: Friction feed
Ink: Black ink cartridge, color ink cartridge (three colors integrated)
Power supply voltage: AC 100 V +/- 10, 120V, 220-240V
Dimensions: (W) 470 x (D) 525 x (H) 192 mm
Weight: 7.2 kg

The Epson Stylus Color (MJ-700V2C in Japan) was the world's first 720 dpi, high-image quality, color inkjet printer. Using advanced Micro Piezo print head technology, it provided faithful reproductions of graphics and photographs, with capabilities of expression leaving competitors' earlier offerings well behind. The Epson Stylus Color also offered increased speeds in all print processes, including data-processing within the computer and in data-transfer. Its low running costs made it highly economical as well: it cost only a few cents to print both black-text and in color.

The Epson Stylus Color's extraordinary image quality, along with its affordability allowed Epson to dominate its many competitors, and elicited an enormous reaction from users. Announced in 1994, it was a major success, selling 300,000 units and setting what was then a record for printer sales in Japan. Globally, this printer brought Epson a new level of recognition as a printer manufacturer.