Epson Group Basic Occupational Health and Safety Policy

April 1, 2024

Safety, health, and compliance take precedence over performance. Epson believes that initiatives to promote a safe, healthy, and dynamic work environment and to protect physical and mental wellbeing are essential for a healthy company and will execute this policy to ensure that all workers* in the Epson Group can enjoy work in the knowledge that they are safe.

*Workers: Any person who does work activities and is under the control of an Epson Group company, including top management, employees, contractors, temporary workers, etc.

  1. With the full participation of all workers, administer the occupational health and safety management system, and drive continuous improvements.
  2. Identify hazards (via risk assessments, etc.), analyze the causes of occupational accidents and industrial incidents, and develop preventive and protective measures.
  3. Foster a vibrant organizational climate where work and health are well-balanced by preventing occupational illnesses and supporting workers' own health monitoring and improvement efforts.
  4. Periodically review the preparations in place for fires, earthquakes, floods, infectious diseases, and other natural disasters and actions planned to save lives, prevent the spread of damage, and restore business operations. Conduct drills on an ongoing basis to verify preparation and action effectiveness and implement further improvements.
  5. Educate workers and raise the level of health and safety awareness and management.
  6. Observe occupational health and safety legal and regulatory requirements in your country and region, as well as internal regulations, standards, and policies.
  7. Allocate appropriate management resources for activities, and continuously make effective improvements.

Yasunori Ogawa
Yasunori Ogawa
President and Representative Director