Office inkjet printers featuring a replaceable ink pack system (RIPS)

Product Features

August 2014



Printing technology: PrecisionCore inkjet system
Print yield: 75,0001 (A4 printing)
Durability: 300,000 pages2
Print speed3: 24 ipm (A4 vertical)
Maximum PPM: 34
Paper capacity2: 1,831 sheets (when using 64 g/m3 plain paper)
Dimensions (W x D x H):767x800x1,132 mm
Weight: 100.9kg
Power consumption4: 0.7 kWh

* A3 multifunction printer with full specifications

In May 2014, Epson announced office printers featuring a high-yield replaceable ink pack system and a managed print service. (These printers were introduced in Japan and Europe in August 2014, and in North America in January 2015.)

A set of high-yield ink packs, producing up to 75,000 pages1, solved a number of concerns in the office. For example, they increased work efficiency because they seldom require replacement, they relieved users of the need to manage ink cartridge inventories, and they produced far less waste than ink cartridge models.


Story Behind the Creation

Given that offices typically print in high volume, Epson focused on developing a system that would benefit users by delivering lower running costs, while also increasing operational efficiency by alleviating ink inventory management and reducing ink replacement frequency. So, to meet these needs and expand its share in the office printing market, Epson developed a replaceable ink pack system that enabled office users to print tens of thousands of prints without replacement.

Reception and Market Impact

Epson's RIPS printers were very well-received by users, who recognized that the printers saved them time and trouble in managing ink inventory, ordering, and ink replacement. U.S.-based Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI), a leading provider of independent information to the imaging industry, awarded Epson's RIPS printers with an Outstanding Achievement in Innovation Award for the summer 2015 test season. In its citation, BLI noted that RIPS printers achieved:

  • Phenomenally high tested yields for all colors.
  • Ultra-long-life consumables, which help maintain office productivity and reduce pain points for IT administration.
  • User-friendly replacement and maintenance procedures.
  • Compact and low waste packaging advantage, which will suit space-constrained office environments.

1 Epson calculated the print yield (the number of standard pages that can be printed with each color) based on ISO/IEC24711 (method for determining yield) and ISO/IEC24712 (test pages for measurement of yield). Yields will vary depending on what customers print, how often they print, and the printing environment.

2 The number of pages may differ depending on paper quality, temperature, humidity, and other factors.

3 Measurement standard: ISO/IEC24734

4 Independently calculated by Epson based on the TEC criteria in the International Energy Star Program testing method. TEC value was measured using the prints-per-day conditions of 288 prints. Power consumption may vary depending on printer use by the customer.