TM-T88V-i Series of Intelligent Receipt Printers

Product Features

September 2011

TM-T88V-i Series


Printing method: Line thermal
Print speed: 300 mm/sec max.
Fonts: 12 x 24 / 9 x 17 (ANK), 24 x 24 (kanji)
Character size (W x H): 1.41 x 3.39 mm / 0.99 x 2.40 mm (ANK), 3.39 x 3.39 (kanji)
Print density: 180 dpi x 180 dpi
Paper size*: Thermal roll paper 79.5 ±0.5(W) x 83 mm dia.
Characters per line*: 42/56 (ANK), 21 (kanji)
External dimensions (W x D x H): 145 x 195 x 148 mm
Weight: Approx. 1.6 kg (printer body)

* TM-T885I770 and TM-T885I772

The receipt printers in the TM-T88V-i series, with built-in intelligent functions that allow easy use of Web-based services, were designed for shops, restaurants, and service kiosks. In addition to receiving print commands directly from PCs and POS terminals, these receipt printers can communicate directly with any network device running an HTML browser, whether a Web server, smartphone, or tablet PC, regardless of the operating system. Since they do not require drivers or print servers, these printers are efficient and cost-effective to implement. Users can connect and control up to 20 TM-series receipt printers (those with a network interface) on a single network.

Story Behind the Creation

Retail work systems ordinarily required users to develop their own original hardware and applications. A simpler, more efficient way to implement these systems was needed. Epson, whose TM series receipt printers were already the market share leader, responded to this need by launching an effort to develop new open system, open standards-based receipt printers that would still boast the fast print speeds, outstanding reliability, and compact, space-saving design for which Epson's TM printers were known. This effort culminated in the TM-T88V-i series, intelligent receipt printers that are compatible with Web applications and that can print from any smartphone, tablet PC, or other device running a popular web browser.

Reception and Market Impact

With more and more POS and other retail systems using the Web, the compatibility of the TM-T88V-i series printers with tablets and smartphones made them a perfect fit for these emerging needs. Because they significantly reduced the time and expense it took to implement a system, and because they could be used to build extremely versatile Web-based POS systems, the TM-T88V-i printers became an immediate hit. They became widely used in a number of applications, from order entry systems in restaurants and bars to reception and appointment systems in clinics. The TM-T88V-i series became firmly entrenched as Epson's flagship compact business printer, and unit sales continued to climb steadily.