Industrial inkjet digital label press SurePress L-4033A

Product Features

June 2010

SurePress L-4033A


Printing method: Inkjet (Micro Piezo print head) lateral scanning
Resolution: 720 x 720 dpi (paper), 1,440 x 720 dpi (film)
Ink: Photo black, matte black, yellow, magenta, cyan, orange, green, overprint liquid
Print speed: Paper 5 m/min, 3.6 m/min, 2.8 m/min / film 1.4 m/min
External dimensions (WxDxH): Main unit: 3,730 x 1,450 x 1,880 mm (not including the rewinder)
Rewinder: 920 x 900 x 1,000 mm
Weight: Main unit approximately 1,670 kg (not including the rewinder), rewinder approximately 180 kg
Power consumption: 6 kW

This was the first product to apply the Micro Piezo technology that had been honed on home and office inkjet printers to industrial label printing. The unique SurePress AQ water-based pigment ink and the Micro Piezo multiple print head array with 15 Micro Piezo print heads leverage all of Epson's technology and know-how to achieve the high quality required for label printing, with bold, vibrant colors, smooth gradations, and sharp text and bar codes, even in smaller sizes.
Digital printing also eliminates the need to produce printing plates, and, compared with analog printing processes, the workflow is shorter, production efficiency improved, and the environmental impact reduced. Other significant features include operability and ease of maintenance, and excellent print durability (resistance to rubbing, water-fastness and lightfastness).

Story Behind the Creation

In the past, product labels and sales promotion labels for POP were typically volume printed on analog printers. However, in many industries such as food, beverages and cosmetics, there is a trend towards small mixed lots and shorter product life cycles. Conventional printing methods, however, can generate surplus inventory of printed labels, and it can be difficult and time-consuming to switch over the presses to print new labels.
As part of its SE15 long-range corporate vision, Epson sought to strengthen its presence in the commercial and industrial sectors. To investigate customer needs, Epson discussed issues in the label printing industry with printing contractors. These included the need for low-cost printing, with quick delivery at the right time and in the right amount. Epson therefore formed a development project team to create a product that would revolutionize label printing processes. The debut of the SurePress L-4033A was the result of the team's individual knowledge and experience, and the overall strength of the team.

Reception and Market Impact

The SurePress L-4033A promptly took the top share of digital label presses used in Japan in 2012, and it was introduced by many companies involved in label printing. Customers were won over by its vivid color reproduction, low-cost production of small, mixed lots with short delivery times and the low environmental impact of the SurePress, some customers even purchased several additional units. In order to meet the wishes of customers who had already used the system and to meet needs identified through proposals made to new customers, Epson launched the SurePress L-4033AW that can print white on transparent film and aluminum vapor deposition film. Furthermore, Epson has started to offer comprehensive services such as remote operation monitoring systems and advice on how to achieve stable and efficient operations, all of which were well received by the label printing industry.