MD-TFD active matrix color LCD with ultra-low power consumption

November 2000


Drive method: Active matrix
Display mode: MD-TFD transflective color
Diagonal size: 1.9 inches
Pixel count: 132 x 162 dots
Display colors: 4096 colors
Power consumption: Approximately 3 mW

In November 2002, Epson began full-scale production and shipment of the MD19SBT, an MD-TFD (Mobile Digital-Thin Film Diode) active matrix LCD panel module. Epson's first active matrix LCD to be developed for mobile phone applications, the MD19SBT was an ultra-low power panel module.

Generally, active matrix LCDs outperform passive matrix LCDs in terms of contrast and responsiveness. Given the development of mobile phones with advanced content display functions such as for e-mail, internet sites, and the growing demand for high-resolution display of color still and video images, development of active-type low-power panels for mobile phones was clearly needed.

In this product, Epson utilized technologies previously applied in ECM-A1192 STN color LCD panels for mobile phones that went into full production the year before. These included a reflective layer technology called SPD (Single Polarizer Display) and a partial display driver. While providing all of the resolution of active matrix LCDs, the new panel modules operated on approximately 3 mW, less than 1/10th the power required by conventional active matrix LCDs. This ultra-low power operation earned the MD19SBT a leading position in the mobile phone device market.