SG-8000 Series

The world's first programmable quartz oscillators with on-chip P-ROM & PLL circuit

January 1997

SG-8000 Series

Output frequency range: 2.5 MHz to 100 MHz at 5.0 V
Equipped with output enable function
Operating voltage: 4.5 to 5.5 V or 3.0 to 3.6 V
Operating temperature: -10 degrees centigrade to +70 degrees centigrade
Soldering conditions: 260 degrees centigrade or less x 10 sec. or less x 2 times or less; or 230 degrees centigrade or less x 3 min. or less
Dimensions: (W) 14.00 x (D) 8.65 x (H) 4.7 mm; (W) 10.5 x (D) 5.0 x (H) 2.7 mm

The SG-8000 series of programmable high-frequency quartz oscillators entered volume production in 1997. These quartz devices, which were developed in response to users' needs for shorter lead-times, introduced a new and innovative concept: They allowed users to freely select and set the oscillation frequency.

The oscillators in the SG-8000 series could be programmed to produce some 30,000 different frequencies, a number that represented approximately 80% of the standard frequencies used in the market. Equipment makers were thus able to use the same oscillator for a variety of different products simply by selecting a frequency in a program.

The SG-8000 series of quartz oscillators also enabled Epson to dramatically shorten the time it took to ship a product once the order was received. In fact, the lead-time for one of the new oscillators was only one-third that of a conventional oscillator. Even for volume-produced items, the versatility of this series meant that there was no need to keep an inventory of quartz oscillators with different functions and frequencies.