Monochrome STN panel at the forefront of LCD modules for mobile phones

August 1993


Drive method: Passive matrix
Display mode: FTN transflective, monochrome liquid crystal
Screen size: 37 x 31 mm (1.9 inch)
Viewing angle: 6 o'clock direction
Display capacity: 5 x 8 pixels 10 digits, 3 lines + 5 x 8 pixels 12 digits, 1 line + icon display
Drive duty factor: 1/32
Power consumption: 15 mW

The ECM-A0662 monochrome super twisted nematic (STN) LCD module went into full production in August 1993. The first product to feature a modularized LCD panel for use in mobile phones, the ECM-A0662 was adopted by Europe's major mobile phone manufacturers and provided a springboard for the full-fledged entry of Epson's display business into the mobile phone market.

As an LCD panel module for mobile phones, the ECM-A0662 was developed with liquid crystal material that is driven at low voltage and was designed to operate at a wider range of temperatures than previous products (-20 degrees centigrade to 60 degrees centigrade). The display panel was approximately 1.9 inches (diagonal), much larger than the panels in conventional mobile phones, yet it consumed only about 15 mW of power.

As the first panel module for mobile phones, the ECM-A0662 took advantage of Epson's component packaging technologies, including heat seal connection of panels to TAB-mounted LCD drivers in a modularized design.

Since then, Epson has fleshed out its product lineup with new products that feature more advanced power-saving technology and higher-density packaging technology. Keeping pace with the steady expansion of the LCD panel market for mobile phones, displays have become one of the company's core businesses.