Epson Wins Good Design Awards for Projectors, Printers, and Scanner

LightScene EV-100

- TOKYO, Japan, October 3, 2018 -

Seiko Epson Corporation (TSE: 6724, "Epson") has won a 2018 Good Design Award for a total of eight designs, including three for projectors, four for printers, and one for a scanner. Good Design Awards are presented annually for designs that benefit and enrich people's lifestyles and society in general. Three representative design-winners are described below along with the judges' comments.

Projector: Used for LightScene EV-100/EV-105

This design is for projectors to be used for lighting or video performances of products or exhibits in shopping centers and museums. To better show off the appeal of the product or exhibit, we focused on a simple design that melts into the surroundings. To achieve a clean design, we removed all the holes and wiring, which customers notice, from the unit sides. The vents, which are necessary in any projector, were hidden in the design as slits with identical patterns on the unit's front and rear. The cylindrical design, made to resemble a spotlight, enables you to install it on the ceiling without ruining the atmosphere.

Judges' comments

These projectors, with their rounded design, are both distinctive and attractive. In a setting like a shopping center, they look more like track lights than projectors. We liked the thorough simplicity of the form. Projectors often have a functional feel, but these products have an elegant design that leaves a very different, fresh impression.

Printer: Used for PX-S170UT/PX-S170T

These A4-sized monochrome inkjet devices feature a design of unprecedented compactness that was achieved by directly embedding high-capacity ink tanks in the carriage. The all-new ink tank design puts a single slit through a simple and clean exterior. You can intuitively check the ink level or open and close the tank cover. A unique shape was used for the bottle tip and inlet to prevent filling mistakes. Just insert the bottle in a tank-refilling starts and stops automatically - for a quick, easy, spill-free experience. The low cost per print relieves you of worries over cost and allows you to print as much as you need to get the job done.

Judges' comments

Spills. Messes. Ink end messages at critical moments. Printer toner and ink cartridge replacements are a source of frustration and stress. These printers squarely address these issues. The ink bottles have a leak-free design and allow one-touch replacements. Equipped with ink tanks, which can use up ink to the very last drop, these printers also relieve users concerns about any ink leftover during refills. These products offer strong support for your everyday printing needs.

Scanner: Used for ES-50/ES-55R/DS-70/ES-60W/ES-60WW/ES-60WB/ES-65WR/DS-80W

These are A4-sized sheet-feed scanners. With more companies embracing digital technologies, demand is increasing for mobile scanners that can easily digitalize photos, receipts, and documents of all types, both inside and outside the office. With that in mind, we worked with engineers to improve portability, aiming for the lightest weight and smallest size in the class to bring more customers a satisfying experience. The final products were designed to prevent operating errors during transport and offer outstanding portability, easy use, and simple functionality. They also have an attractive design.

Judges' comments

These are evolved versions of the sheet-feed scanner. We gave them high marks for portability: their light weight and small size allow them to fit easily into a carrying bag, with room to spare. The convenient portability of these scanners will make you want to take them with you, increasing your work efficiency and productivity outside the office.

Epson designs recognized with 2018 Good Design Awards, and products using the award-winning designs

  • Projector: LightScene EV-100/EV-105
  • Projector: EB-L610U/EB-L615U
  • Projector: EB-L20000U/EB-L12000Q
  • Inkjet printer:PX-S170UT/PX-S170T
  • Business inkjet printer: PX-M884F/PX-M886FL/PX-S884/PX-M380F/PX-M381FL/PX-S380/PX-S381L/PX-M880FX/PX-S880X
  • Large-format printer: SC-T5150/SC-T5150N/SC-T3150/SC-T3150N
  • Large-format printer:SC-T5450/SC-T3450/SC-T3450N
  • Scanner:ES-50/ES-55R/DS-70/ES-60W/ES-60WW/ES-60WB/ES-65WR/DS-80W

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Good Design Award
The Good Design Award was established in 1957 as the Good Design Selection System (or G Mark System). Today, it is Japan's leading design evaluation and commendation system and has become world renowned, attracting a large number of entries from companies and groups around the world. Awards are presented annually as a way to promote quality of life and the use of design in solving social issues. The symbol of the award, the G Mark, is widely recognized as a symbol of excellence in design.

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