Epson at a glance

What kind of company is Epson?
Read about some of our key initiatives and vision for the future while also taking a trip through our past.

Epson's DNA

Epson derives its strength from
its efficient, compact, and precision technologies,
an approach to customer needs
that is defined by integrity and effort,
and a spirit of creativity and challenge
that fuels a desire to exceed expectations.

A History of Value Creation

Epson has evolved and expanded over
the decades while passing on
its DNA as a product developer and manufacturer.

Epson Now

Epson by the numbers

Revenue (consolidated)
1,313.9 billion yen
Business Profit
64.7 billion yen

Note: Business profit is very similar to operating income under Japanese accounting standards, both conceptually and numerically. It is calculated by deducting the cost of sales and selling, general and administrative expenses from revenue

Revenue by Segment

Number of employees
(as of March 31, 2024)
Epson Group (consolidated): 74,464, Parent company: 13,083
Group companies
(as of March 31, 2024)
82 (includes parent company), Japan: 20, Overseas: 62

Epson Going Forward

Epson seeks to create new value by leveraging the efficient,
compact, and precision technologies that are in its DNA.

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Epson is contributing to achieving the SDGs


Achieving sustainability and enriching communities